• Do you suffer from aches and pains?
  • Do you wonder about your posture? Could it be better?
  • Have you got an injury you suffer from – even years after the event?

Consider the wonder of the human spine with its multifaceted joints and complex neural system enabling us extraordinary movement in every direction.

  • Principally we move in six directions: forwards, backwards, sideways, left and right and a rotational movement left and right. The health of the spine depends on this movement and therefore the optimum functioning of the physical being is also dependent on movement.
  • If the ultimate goal is to be energised and pain free, then Full Movement Therapy with its roots in yoga and its branches in remedial massage is the answer.

The combination of these two schools brings function where it is lacking or restricted. The fruit that emerges is abundance of energy, the ability to self-heal and the strength of conviction to live life fully.  Please feel free to call and discuss in detail how this method can help you.

I first met the founder of Full Movement Method, Andrew Thomas in 1997 and was inspired by his work with yoga and massage. After many years of practice and hundreds of clients, the power of this system to provide a path to pain free bodies, ease of movement, increased flexibility and overall wellbeing is evident.

For further information about Full Movement Method and a list of practitioners, please visit:www.fullmovementmethod.co.uk