For many years, until 2006, I had experienced poor to indifferent health. I was overweight and had been diagnosed with type two diabetes, gout and experienced bronchitis two or three times a year. I was prescribed a high level of medication and about to be put onto a daily regimen of insulin injections when I was introduced to Usana products by Kate over five years ago.

I had found it difficult to maintain a sensible weight and my diet was self indulgent and unhealthy. Kate suggested I try the USANA RESET program involving a nutritional shake diet and supplements. I began to lose weight and found it easier to establish a healthier diet and more exercise (including walking for an hour, 3 times per week and a twice weekly light workout at the gym).

Since then the improvement in my general health and fitness as well as a definite weight loss has been remarkable and much commented on by my friends and family.

At my last doctor’s appointment, he was so impressed with my weight loss and the details of a comprehensive diabetic check-up, which showed below normal levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar etc, that he reduced my overall medication. This included halving my intake of statins-based tablets and Metformin.

Not only is my diabetes and gout well under control, but I have abundant energy and get far fewer colds – not once since establishing Usana’s regime in my life have I experienced chronic bronchitis.

The local diabetes health specialists, at my recent annual consultation told me I had achieved the best overall results in the district. This included a glycaemic average of 5.4. I am now 20 kgs lighter than when I first started the Usana program.

I have no doubt at all that I owe most of this to regular controlled intake of Nutrimeal and Usana’s supplements combined with exercise and a sensible diet involving lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

The Usana system has not only improved all aspects of my health, but provided me with much greater endurance and an effective means of combating germs.
All strength to it!

Christopher Ross-Smith OAM